Monday, January 17, 2005

Three years in the making; here it is ...THE BLOGGGG !!!

"With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere"

It 's my New Year resolution to start a blog !!

I 'm consistent..I had the same resolution in 2002 & 2003. I forgot about it in 2004. But remembered again in 2005

Problem is the Blogger's Block (manifests itself just like the writer's block) ..It means that I get this incredibly creative idea when i'm on my bike negotiating the nearly nbon-existent Bangalore roads (they exist in patches between the potholes) or when i' m takin a shower in the morning or desperately working out trying to lose weight at the gym(thats another New Year resolution) ...but whn i come back to the comp and think of keying in something..all just evaporates, no mood no time & so no blog

Being in an American company; with American Holidays today i'm havin an off.I'm supposed to celebrate Martin Luther King's Birthday today. No problemo !! I can celebrate the B'day of Britney Spears if you want. If i'm given a holiday on a Monday

Imagine waking up at say 8:30 in the morning ..Stretch ...yaaawwwnn..And then ..damn its monday .....but wait a sec !!! Today it's Martin Luther King's Happy B'day..u can sleep another 2 hours. So i pull the covers over my head & go back to the world of outrageous dreams.

Well I just remembered, Dr. King was the one with the original "I have a Dream" Speech. Well hope someday i'll be able to dream a dream which can actually mentioned to a group & will be applauded for it.....

As for the current dreams...well; let me put it this way only thing i can do with them is to sell the movie rights to... say Zalman King ;-))

So much for that. Feeling good that i've created a blog & maybe i'l actually get some readers for the same & maybe someday there'll be readers who will wait for the next blog.....

All this when i've not really decided what this blog will be all about..Mebbe some of those lazy ruminations of mine & anecdotes from my not so eventful life...Thank God its not some situation where this blog is my only source of livelyhood with some corporate tycoon deciding to pay me according to the number of hits on the site.

Welcome to my blog; do visit again

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