Saturday, June 02, 2007

Losto in Translationo - Part 3 - Spotted in Sushi land

Been quite some time since I posted anything here.

Well, have been travelling around in the weekends a lot. And, roaming around in Japan armed with a cam (sometimes mobile cam) allows you to get some hilarious samples of Japanese English..or as the locals say "Engirisu". These are everywhere- on the tshirts, on menus and just everywhere. There is actually a website dedicated to these outrageous samples of English in Japan ( Here are my contributions which could qualify for the same. More later...

(Thought I'll put up some snaps and keep the blog alive till i find something to write about :-))

Sign on the bathroom door of an inn in Nikko. Guess there is an option to sing :-)) a la Hera Pheri/ RamjiRao Speaking :-))

Well, the chef is a rather arrogant guy if you ask me .

Thats would be about 4'o clock Beijing time I guess


Twilight Fairy said...

bathroom one is really funny :).

accidental diva said... the idea of keeping or rather "remain slippers' outside the bathroom!!!

silverine said...

Really cute! i love these English bloopers and hope it never stops. Keep 'em coming!

barbi said...

"remain slippers" ????

sweets ll eat easy//


this post ll read nice.

i am is also got the language of me.

barbi said...

heh i have written a review of your post..
given the link too!!

barbi said...

read the review here

barbi said...

oh god,
bharadwaj reviewed this post here

flaashgordon said...

@twilight : i think the door didnt have latch..The innkeeper mightve kept the note after a few accidents ;-)

@accidental diva: its those japanese style slippers which u have to wear inside the house hereabouts

@silverine: as long as im here in japan those will keep coming. these ones i had to secretly take with my mobile cam

@barbi:good is the review of u!

Jiby said...

awesome gordono this ur way of getting indian attention off lolakutty's and manglish??!!

hope u can spot more of these and post them up for us...good job!

flaashgordon said...

@jiby: that's a good idea kattakama san.yeah , too much world attention on our mallu english

mathew said...

hahahhaa..u are really havin a great time out there..

Mocha said...

It such wonderful post. I couldnot help but smile at the bloopers

Anonymous said...

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