Friday, March 09, 2007

My ad-Venture

Not about any adventures in sushi-land this time but this is a plug for my other blog adMad- a site for International Ads and Brand Trivia.

Had once thought I'll be doing some groundbreaking work in advertising but doesnt look like its ever gonna happen ever. :-( So thought at least will feature and discuss some groundbreaking work already in the the adworld.

My pal Jithu has been running this site for some time now and so we've already got a great archive of excellent Print Ads sorted brandwise. I've joined this now and we have turned this into an ads-cum-brand trivia site. And another attraction is that will be carrying video ads too. We also post a Brand Trivia question daily on the brand whose ad we're gonna put up the next day. Might be useful for your Brand Equity Quiz preparation too , so do try answer it at the comments section and we will be putting up your name (and ur blog link if u have one) on the site if you get it right. You can expect the best of international ad campaigns here .So do take a look and hope you do add it your favorites..

The URL is as follows

This is also linked on the top left of this blog. Lemme know what you think of it at Suggestions are definitely welcome too :-)))