Monday, August 29, 2005


And so I stood there inspecting the carnage ; the knife in my hand was conspicuously dripping red. I could see my fingerprints all over the handle........
It was too late now!! Not that I had wanted to do it , but the deed had to be done. There were noises from the next room; howls of pain, of horror and absolute disgust...I called out but there was no reply…. Perhaps my feeble voice was drowned out by sources more powerful!! I could not just let it be. Had to do something about it. And so I went over there; knife in hand…
I saw him down there. He half turned around; as I came up behind him.He saw the knife in my hand. Tears streamed down his face as he looked up at me.…………………………………………………!!

And so I asked my roomie " Bugger, I’m done cutting the tomatoes; have u done the onions???
" Yeah, just through" he handed over the plate of cut onions. He then took another swig of the beer and offered it to me.
" Doesn’t look like Arsenal will win this one; can you believe Henry missed so many clear chances........."
Well, people- sorry for the anti-climax ; this was a Sunday evening scene 3 years after had I started working and moved out of the hostel. It had been a long journey till then…. And since then too..
In the hostel (read about it in my previous post ) there was no need to cook or rather it was like no opportunity to light a fire- let it be for food, cigarettes or arson-it was a grave crime leading to expulsion. Stoves were banned and though they say you can fry an egg using the back of an electric iron ; I didn’t want to try that and later walk around wearing clothes that smelled like scrambled eggs. Especially in a Gujju college ! Anyway all good things come to an end; my MBA got over and I had to move out of the hostel and look for alternate accommodation..
Took a flat in Kandivli with a first set of roomies who were not too proficient in cooking. One had his fiancée staying nearby and hence would return every night only after dinner. The other was an "incomplete evolution" Neanderthal who did not believe in cooking particularly. He would have happily have uncooked bacon or raw eggs straight out of the refrigerator. Some mornings when he actually decided to try toasting bread I used to wake up dreaming that I was a Jew in Auschwitz and just got herded into the gas chamber.
Later on, I moved to another flat where I had a roomie who was a Hotel Management graduate. The best thing about him was that if persuaded with Scotch and some Pink Floyd he would even make excellent gourmet Chicken-au-gratin. Anyway once a lucky girl hooked this cook (don’t know whether he cooks still) ; he moved out and I was robbed of both a roommate and cook….
And so I moved to another flat in Borivli this time with a mallu pal. And so Mumbai being the melting pot of cultures I decided to get a melting pot (or rather a frying pan) myself. And a gas stove, with the necessary utensils…
I wanted to try rice-my staple food; so got a cooker; after the first few attempts where either I had to have teeth-challenging go-natural semi-cooked rice and some other times when the maid had to scrape the burnt remnants of what was rice off the cooker- I learnt to make rice which looked smelled and tasted edible.
That was just the beginning. Soon I could make everything. Well let me clarify I could make anything with tomatoes n onions. For me it was simple- Take any of eggs, fish, prawns, (mom used to send by courier these 2 in pickled format) or even cauliflower (well I liked cauliflower but I had to first butcher it into pieces. The sheer cruelty of it made me stay non-veg :-))). Put it into the pan with with tomatoes n onions. Add some chill powder n go easy on salt because if you add too much you cant do anything about it but the reverse is compensate-able. If the resultant concoction becomes too spicy, just add ketchup; if its bland, have another drink to numb your senses! I tried it on myself and my roomie too. You would be wondering what happened to him. He survived it !!! And lives to this day with most faculties intact. And guess what? He even blogs!
Armed with this confidence of being able to cook I went to London on a project. Where I found cooking an entirely different ball game…. For starters there was this wierd microwave oven, which I couldn’t quite comprehend. And the damn contraption did not come with a manual. A friend once put a raw egg inside the microwave expecting a boiled egg in 2 minutes. Accordingly; she took out the egg after 5 min and was admiring it in her hand when BANG! It exploded!!!! All over her face! Absolutely inexplicably! I gave theories like maybe the supermarket had stocked dinosaur eggs from Jurassic times or maybe Harry Potter had pointed a wand and charmed it with an "Ovum Explodum" egg-exploding hex on it. Her friends told her that it improved her complexion considerably; (now all of you female readers please don’t try this at home) she was reported to be completely off anything involving eggs for a few months after this….
Wary of microwaves I decided to try some cooking on the cooking range which had a heating element instead of fire.. After some investigation I figured out which was on and which was off. And once it turned red it meant you could heat food on it. So one evening I put something on the stove and went over to the living room with a beer in hand contemplating on the wide variety of TV shows we were deprived of back home.. And then an eerie noise filled the apartment- something which sounded like a hovering flying saucer or like Godzilla in pain. In a few seconds I heard a knock on the door amidst the din. I opened the door slowly expecting to find a little green martian. Instead there stood the apartment caretaker who informed me not too kindly that my smoke detector (which was not quite calibrated to account for Indian Cooking) had triggered off the fire alarm and woke up the apartment complex. Thank god it was not nowadays. I would have instead stared into a team of London Police Squad who would have proceeded to shoot me rightaway without further ado for being a suspected bomber. Anyway after this unfortunate incident , when anyone of us started cooking it was mandatory to have someone tall, cupping the smoke detector through out the process.and to have all the windows open even if all were freezing inside.
Thankfully in Bangalore life is much simpler; God’s own cuisine from God’s own country is so widely available that my cooking exploits are not many or too frequent…Maybe the neighbors are destined to be lucky or maybe I was just a flaash in the pan!
Bon Appetit!
(Hope you liked this one. Am still managing just one post a month..Trying to do better than that. Anyway do leave a comment and mail in if you'd like any of my recipes at . Also put in a note if u'd like me to notify you when i have a new post
btw Was inspired by Silverine's post “ “ Teaching a guy to cook...


flaashgordon said...

# re: Potboiler !!!
My fave hobby these days is reading ur ; wish i could post as much as u !

Shyam: Am trying but cant seem to hav time and inspiration

Take no logic: Gaaawd !! Ahmd to B'lore ???!! tht must ve been so tough ..tht too in the height of summer!Sorry dude but I'd prefer doing such a trip in an a/c Bus with a book in hand and some music playin in my headphones

Anant: thanks a lot for ur kind words!!Am a regulr in ur blog though a silent one yet !!

Posted @ 10/15/2005 10:30 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!

You have a good way of putting things in words

Posted @ 10/15/2005 6:52 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
I Take no Logic
Well... none have happened after this March-April's trip from Ahmedabad to Bangalore. T'was 3300 kms in 7 days flat. Maybe the next trip will happen after i get the job im looking for...
Posted @ 10/12/2005 6:32 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!

U sound inttng

Must hv more time to do justice to yr blog

Meanwhile, I put into my favorite catagory.

Posted @ 10/9/2005 9:46 AM
# re: Potboiler !!!
Good one buddy.How come no new post from you?
Posted @ 10/8/2005 1:16 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
damn good....i liked the tomatoes bit. every bit funny...

Regarding the nomination publicity...I am not a magnanimous guy...I did try to work a way around it...but couldn't ;-)
Posted @ 10/2/2005 7:11 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
My new post is up `n waitin` 4 u`r comments....

BTW... how wuz u`r Sri Lanka trip?? U didn`t bother 2 tell me `bout it newayz u as$%&^%...
Posted @ 9/27/2005 11:19 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
Take no logic

No man, im still in Bangalore (actually right now in cochin wher im here for a leave). London was last year just for a couple odd months. Hwz ur travel travails going??

Posted @ 9/19/2005 3:17 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
I Take no Logic
Does that mean now u r in London, and trying to figure out the best way to cook some not so really good meals?
Posted @ 9/15/2005 8:43 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
Thanx anish..I follow ur blog regularly too

Neway these days reading the comments on my blog is a my fave means of boosting my self-esteem :-))

Neway plan to blog in the next week when am home for an extended onam holiday
Posted @ 9/7/2005 9:20 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
i guess i am too late..but still not late to enough to rofl!!!

u have such an amazing way of making people laugh especially when u write about ur experiences!. u should be writing far more than once a month.

hilarious post :)

keep writing
Posted @ 9/6/2005 3:42 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
matterof choice
i guess i am too late..but still not late to enough to rofl!!!

u have such an amazing way of making people laugh especially when u write about ur experiences!. u should be writing far more than once a month.

hilarious post :)

keep writing
Posted @ 9/6/2005 3:37 PM
# re: Potboiler !!!
Hi Sunnygal
Congrats on ur newfound cooking prowess (tho its just ghaaspoos; whch doesnt really qualify ;-)))

Had not known abt ur trip back from Queen's land to Dubya's land
Posted @ 9/4/2005 11:21 AM
# re: Potboiler !!!
Flaash!...Of course I remember the Haiku attempts & my sneaking suspicions that u were a pro & not a first-timer at that!! :)

Hmmm...regarding my culinary prowess, it has vastly improved these dayz!...Am cooking, eating what I cooked (well....most times, anywayz! ) & living long enuff to tell the tale, na!! ;)

Didnt ya mean, God save the Prez?...Tho' even God cant save him now, methinx! ;-p
Posted @ 9/3/2005 12:50 PM
# re: Potboiler !!
Hi All

Cant access my blog rom office anymore. Some content filter has been set up for o3 blogs pages:-((( Tho i never blog from offc i did use to monitor comments section .. So all replies will be bit delayed from now on..

Neway here goes....

Sunny: Hey long time !!And cute poem that...Remember my own attempts at the haiku?
btw guess ur sambar/rasam n likes turns out like it is supposed to be nowadays..Doing any cooking nowadays??If so; God save the Queen!!

Ramya: Thnxx a lot !!! Welcome to namma bangaluru!!!If u need any cooking tips; u know where to mail me at i hope ;-))

xxx:Sweet Chicken...eeeeyucccck; Hope no gr88 cookbook authors would adopt ur recipe! btw thnxx for the nice words..Keep visiting

Vinod: thanx maashe!!Keep visiting. So u r the one behind tht blog on my homestate! Keep visitng

Posted @ 8/31/2005 11:32 PM
# re: Potboiler!!!
Nice style of writing. And experiences to go with it.
Posted @ 8/31/2005 4:05 PM
# re: Potboiler!!!
lol !!!too funny dude
i've put sugar instead of salt in my chicken curry , and had to eat it coz there was nothing else, worst 30 mins of my life
Posted @ 8/30/2005 7:09 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Hi flaash,

another lovely post... keep it up !!

its been about 8 months now that i am staying in a flat and my roomies still entertain themselves talking about my cooking skills :)

but now, i am moving into your city... nimma bengaluru... time now to see what the future holds for me !!

Posted @ 8/30/2005 9:30 AM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Hey Flaash!....ROFL!...U have such a way with words!!...Me a member of the 'killinary brigade' too, tho' its only veggies that are slaughtered by me!!...Had written a coupla verses about my culinary, rather lack of culinary skills, earlier as part of a poem!....Here are the relevant verses!

Next, the kitchen I entered, with a look so fearful,
At home had made tea, so became more cheerful,
But tea and cookies will not, my stomach fill,
For the first time, I realized my lack of culinary skills.

Tarla Dalal, Meenakshi Ammal, to them all did I pray,
Asked for Divine Intervention, of hope, at least a ray,
Took me some months, a few burns and a minor fracture,
Before the stove, the microwave and cooking I did master! ;-p

Posted @ 8/30/2005 9:18 AM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!!
taira: Thanks a lot !!I never Boil eggs; never liked boiled eggs ever; always omlette which ends up as an egg burji

Nivedita:Thnxx a lot..Well u never know ;how unlucky u r not to have a neighbor like me!

extinct_pal: good u clarified that! else all the prospective suitors in o3 would have considered u extinct for all practical purposes. Btw write tht doesnt still sound right!!(ps: how come tht name? Interesting)

Getdfunkout: Big b... Congratulations !!!!!! U have become the 500th commentator on this blog !!!!!!!U win urself a romantic lunch date with Naresh this Sunday at ur place!

Btw come on now; dont be ungrateful on the sharing part.... I was just watching YOUR diet in those days(well; not just watching sometimes; but it was all with good intention)Havent u read.."To Care is to SHAARE?
Thnx to me, u r staying a lean, mean, #@$ machine now!!

As for ngk; its football, whisky & prawn rice earlier now has given way to football, whisky & khichdi?Hasta la vista baby!

btw on the job!C'mon; how can i even think of leaving this company? It has such excellent employee friendly policies, scope for growth,excellent collegues and wonderful intellectually stimulating work atmosphere!I would like to retire after becoming a partner here !!! (Any guesses on who reads my blog;-)??

Posted @ 8/29/2005 10:18 AM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Well GG,

We all know u`r innards are lined with sumthing much stronger than ours.... And u`r sense of shaaaaaring the food (ordered from resturants) was well.... quite magnamanimous (2 say the least)... At least you divided it into 2 equal portions. Different matter though that u alwayz belived the person who was sharing the food with u cudn`t finish his share `n u proceeded to have half of his portion 2.....

And Naresh.... Still the same way man.... I`m s`posed 2 play the role of his momma `n feed him every sunday... (Same khichhdi as always)... Saves me the trouble of makin` rice `n dal seperately....

Newayz..... howz u doin` now? Ne change of job looming???
Posted @ 8/28/2005 12:00 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Aiyo...I'm not married yet. I'm still on the process of finding a guy who's brave enough to trust me with his stomach and money and life....thr was a small slip of my was supposed to be a don't instead of a dint'....It's supposed to read "Glad I don't have to make my future husband go through that process." Did that come out right?? Donno...but I think u get the picture. Anyways, happy cooking and killing.

Posted @ 8/27/2005 5:02 AM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
hi there

really verrry funny...and m lucky not to find ne of neighbours like u ...gr8 cooks and chefs...nice post though

Posted @ 8/26/2005 10:37 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
hi flaash

nice cooking up now a days.,... m gud at it, ask me anything you wana prepare and will help you out with lotsa basic n new adventurous things. will surely increase ur appetite too. happy blogging n boiling eggs too.

Posted @ 8/26/2005 3:33 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Amita: Hmm tea is easy; take boiled water & dip tea bags. If it tastes bad ; go hav coffee. Iassume u r an excellent cook nowadays

Sanchita: hmm paperback sounds good ; but wud anyone really pay 2 read me??

extinct_pal: Is ur hubby extinct too aftr sampling ur cooking:-))

Shalz: Shh !! I dont talk about the skeletons in my cupboard...And dead people dont talk either. So i carry on...

Nishad: Kataals, thnxx ..da dont 4get my tkt ;-)

Posted @ 8/26/2005 2:50 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
You.. Funny Flaash..:)
Posted @ 8/26/2005 12:42 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
rofl:))flaash,your blog is one of my fave reads on o3, alwayz guaranteed to entertain:P

gr8 one about ur 'killinary' skills ;)one survived, and how many dead?:))))

Posted @ 8/26/2005 8:56 AM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Good blog, pal. And good to know u're a good cook too. I learnt cooking out of neccessity and boredom. But once I started, I got hooked to it and love experimenting with anything I can get my hand on and any recipe I come across. Now cooking is an art to me and a hobby too. And I did learn something else in the process too, guys, especially lazy guys will eat anything to give them. Doesn't matter if it's burnt to the core or stinks like hell. Glad I din't have to make my husband go through that process. Or he sure wud've left me within a month.
Posted @ 8/26/2005 8:49 AM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
as i had said earlier, time for u to get published in a paperback!
Posted @ 8/25/2005 9:06 PM
# re: Pot-boiler!!!
Nice one :)

I cook much better now .. There was a time when i didnt even know to make tea (Added 4 tablespoons of tea powder to make the tea color dark w/o boiling the milk much lolz ;) )
It was so strong that cudnt take more than a sip of it ...:(

But cooking needs practice and a good trainer so that ur clear abt all aspects with regards to temperature control and proper measurements ... The more u know the better as u can whip a delicacy out of left overs 2 in any part of the world ;) ..

Posted @ 8/25/2005 5:23 PM
# re: Pot-boiler !!!!!

mountainaura: Sometimes its better to take many sneakpeeks at one good long post than at many small badly written blogs. See ! Neway thanks a lot; hope u got rid of ur prejudice against long posts. Keep visiting

rpramod:So u a "cereal killer"!!!!! And u think i was the one 2 be behind bars??Wot an irony !!!:-)))Well, it was more like i was often in front of bars ;-))

Shiva: Thnxx man; waitin 2 see wot happend of the trip 've mentioned in ur post

Shipra: Boil water ; thts no big deal at all. U can even do it in the geyser!

And Naresh.......
Ladies n gentlemen; here's an Oprah Winfreysque moment. I told u all my pal survived it all. No physical damage- only minimal brain damage (Well he was beyond all tht)
He still walks, talks, blogs and plays the piano ...(well if he ever gets near to a piano that is; im sure he might play it)
And here he is actually commenting on the post.
As tears of joy stream down my face-

( pssstt Cameraman...hope u are capturing this all)
Hindi song playing in the background..Maaaheee ..reyy!!!!!
(sorry translator not available)
Dialogue:Daa Nareshe unda chorinu nandri venemadaa!Ninne theeti potii; oru nilayilaakki kazhinjappol..ingane aayo?? sob sob rant rant...

Wot about all the times when u had parked ur a** in front of the TV and i was fighting the fumes n steam - worrying about getting right the correct measure of salt n chillipowder . And just to make sure the prawns had the right salt level n spice and how the pH value is affected by beer i had to periodically test the same too! See i risked the better part of my own innards too! And u r complaining about that of all things !(its a thankless world..Talk about biting the hand that feeds u;ouch! )Daa
u shouldnt be on the Ring road ;but wherever u r you should be just feeding ur pals. To my memory it has just never happened!
gdfo- d'u concur??
Posted @ 8/24/2005 11:01 PM
# re: Pot-boiler !!!!!
I've been at the receiving end of many of your culinary calamities. And there seems to be a general pattern to it.

You, against considered opinion, believed there is a good meal at the other side of sliced onions. You, in all magnanimity, risked the better part of your good friend's innards for the said purpose. Now, as you wake up and smell the withering mucous, calmly claim credit for the adventure.

Reminds one of George W. & Iraq.

In the spirit of the times, I should be on Ring Road chanting "Hey, hey, GGG, how many pals you fed today??"

P.S: You did have a way with prawns, though. As in, you always had the bigger helping.
Posted @ 8/24/2005 8:24 PM
# re: Pot-boiler !!!!!
You should feel proud of yourself ,you & your company had led to an invention of ready to eat items - good work. Oops i hope u know how to boil water.
Posted @ 8/24/2005 11:48 AM
# re: Potboiler
Hi flaash,
great one as always.. really enjoyed.. You should really start thinking of writing something bigger i believe.. :)
cooking once in a while is gr8 fun.. I had really some good & bad experience cooking ...

Posted @ 8/24/2005 10:28 AM
# re: Potboiler
Very nice read as always.

I have myself had a few cooking escapades. One that comes to mind was when i woke up early morning to grab my cereal, was half asleep and put salt in the cereal instead of sugar. Yuck!!!!

And reading the first para, i wondered if Indian jails were that advanced to provide internet access :D:D. But a tin of tomato puree was what first came to mind.
Posted @ 8/24/2005 7:07 AM
# re: Potboiler
Thanks everyone for ur comments

Dte: Thnks a lot !!!Hope u havent tried the egg trick yet

Bookworm: Thnk u!!Pardon me the Auscwitz analogy; couldnt think of anything more apt

Samy: Well (psstt..there's nothing like Sex or violence to get featured on Indiatimes homepage)Well the beiginning wasdeveloped from a comment on another blog ;-))Thnx for being charitable. I cant even murder a chicken in self defence

Parvathy: Thnx for the egg funda. My frnd with the egg-spattered face can now rest in peace with the knowledge that it had nothing to do with her looks! Bet u r an engineer ;-))

Sapphire: Let me know if u need any lessons on Tomato n Onion related cooking

Silverine: U r the one who started it all. Have acknowledged u in the end

Matt: Thnxx man..Had put a note to u earlier; thot u 'd have got it. Happy cooking and keep visiting

techj: Thnxx aliyaa..u never know u'll hv 2 try cookin sometime to. Mebbe we'll meet up for Freedom Jam..btw seems u really happening nowadays;-)

d2de: thnxx a lot for ur kind words !

Gladiatrix: Aaha; so u make sambhar to bath with?y not try maarketing it. Say it is good for the complexion too!just like microwaved eggs

kn: thnxx a lot man !! Keep rocking -u too

jiby: Well u know i 'd the idea from Silverine's blog.Seems u've had a lot of cooking experiences too. mebbe u can write something on this subject. Keep comin over here

Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:57 PM
# re: Potboiler
That was awesome !! While at work, my eyes always scout for shorter posts due to the inability to devote more time reading the longer ones. Sneak peeks are always in a jiffy, but when I read the beginning of your post, you had me glued. Brilliant and hilarious. Just loved it.

Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:44 PM
# re: Potboiler
there is justice in visiting your blog daily and not finding anything new...bcoz when u do have a new post its entertainment down to the last line! so many cooking the fire alarm goin off and our attempts to muffle the damn thing with plastic bags, our falling into chicken curry making it taste better that we started pouring in wine, scotch...everything we felt like! great post man!
Posted @ 8/23/2005 10:48 PM
# re: Potboiler
Guy U a cool blogger man
Great mish mash of words...savored every word of it ..really food for thought

keep rocking man
Posted @ 8/23/2005 9:43 PM
# re: Potboiler
As good as always,you have a sure recipe to make folks laugh and that's a talent for sure.

These days i guess most folks either take the batteries out of the smoke dets or cover it with cloth:D,ofcourse if caught they will have a hole in their pockets apart from stomach burn.

In one of my escapades with cooking(way back ofcourse,now i am an expert*wink*)i put my aunts "snana powder"(some herbal bath powder),now whoever thought the woman would store such things in her pantry,i just made some sambhar out of it all the time wondering why on earth was the "aroma" so weird.

Yet another time i put the ubiquitous "onions and tomatoes" just out of the frying pan into the blender and ran it,the damned thing burst open and i lay flat on the ground like the enemy was opening fire and screamed for help,had half the neighbourhood outside the gate-from that day my mom locked the kitchen when she went out.:-E

So you see i can understand the "cook-at-bootcamp" days.Ah well believe me thats the beginning in the making of the Emeril lagassis of the world .
Enjoyed the post flaash.
Keep cooking!!!
Posted @ 8/23/2005 8:32 PM
# re: Potboiler
good one ..this is the first time i m reading ur blog and i am impressed ;) ur introduction was awesome...
Posted @ 8/23/2005 5:32 PM
# re: Potboiler


thanks for the will never try cooking....

abt mallu food in namma bangalore..yea..its rocknig.

PS: freedom jam on satuday 27th 3 PM
Posted @ 8/23/2005 3:08 PM
# re: Potboiler...
Mathew Paul
Hai Flaash...
Sorry I didn't comment on the earlier blogs.. But the others said it all.. Very Funny.. The first lines itself got me hooked on to it and what followed was even better..
Liked that part where the london policemen would come over and shoot u suspecting a bomber.
Me too into a decent amount of cooking these days..But, have to say that the recipe is the same whatever be the dish..:-))...
Once again, that was a great piece of writing...way to go..Also all the best for ur future culinery endeavours...
Posted @ 8/23/2005 1:36 PM
# re: Potboiler...
So you finally got down to writing the cooking post?

This was damned funny. I like the your wry sense of humor and the rueful tone while describing your cooking attempt. ROFL

Way to go flaash! You always deliver the goods. Am impressed :))
Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:50 AM
# re: Potboiler...
seems ur culinary skills are better than mine...i am still at the cook anything with onion and tomato stage :))
Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:48 AM
# re: Potboiler...
:-) funny as always.

Btw, the phenomenon ur female colleague experienced is called superheating. In the microwave, the egg got superheated instead of getting boiled. After she took it out, in the room temperature, it came to somewhere above the boiling temperature and blew up. No I'm no science buff ;-) just got this concept as a forward
Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:44 AM
# re: Potboiler...
ROFL...first I thought u had commited holy self defence of course..(see how charitable we r og pals on the blog)...then I thought u were enacting!!
Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:27 AM
# re: Potboiler...
ROTFL .... that was amazing especially the start... and also the Auschwitz comparision .... too good buddy
Posted @ 8/23/2005 11:03 AM
# re: Potboiler...
Hii Flaash...
Too good as was fun reading ur cooking expereinces...:-))

I liked...Her friends told her that it improved her complexion considerably; all of you female readers please don’t try this at home....LOL....

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